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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharlal Nehru

Cultural Adventures

A cultural adventure is more about a sense of adventure, rather than strenuous physical activity, and these trips focus on the destination, its history, its people, and their traditions. Here is a chance to learn about someplace totally different from home, as you take a close look at exotic locations. Tour temples, pyramids, and other cultural and architectural landmarks as you learn the importance of these sites to the people who live there.

Mixed Activity Vacations

For those that want activity, just not 24/7, combining the best of trilling experiences with relaxation may be just what you need. Trekking holidays that include some time spent in locations along the way, biking and wine tasting, or a rafting trip combined with slower explorations on non-river days, are all ways to combine action and culture. I love these types of vacation, because they give me my fill of the relaxation that I need from everyday life, but keep me engaged with seeing and doing something new. It's the best of both worlds.

Luxury Adventures

A hybrid of mixed activity vacations, these let you have wonderful adventures during the day and pampering luxury every night. In addition, these are more personalized experiences where you can enjoy your adventure without having to worry about the day-to-day issues of food and bed. Think of luxury tents on a trek or safari, with all your needs handled by someone else.

Soft Adventures

These adventures are often suited for travelers who want a less strenuous vacation, and are often organized around a central theme or interest. For example, wildlife and nature are two common themes, and you'll often see adventure trips that take you up close and personal for a look at some of the most remarkable places on earth. These trips seem to be more about the destination (and what you'll see there) than on the journey itself, and are typically suited for travelers of a broad range of fitness levels.

Adrealine Rush Adventures

This type of adventure can include anything from climbing a mountain, scaling a rock formation, serious white water rafting, or some other high fitness, high adrenaline level activity.

Active Vacations

Active vacations include activities that would span the entire length of one's holidays. Whether it's a week-long rafting trip, horseback exploration in the jungle, skiing, or hiking or biking through a country, these travels are as much about the journey as they are the destination. These trips are definitely not for the lying on the beach vacationer.


"We specialize in vacations or trips to natural environments or remote locations with the specific purpose of active physical participation and exploration."


In 2005 Marcus Allen, a travel geek, founded Aquarius Travel to reach out to other professionals seeking vacations and trips to exotic locations. The company was headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, and during the first years of operation the organization specialized in individual and group reservations for cruise and island destinations in the Caribbean.

The year 2007 can best be described as the year of mergers, acquisitions, and unprecedented weather conditions. At the beginning of the year Bulgaria and Romania join the EU. Next, Rupert Murdoch acquires Dow Jones & Co which includes the Wall Street Journal. The U.S. has one of the largest fires in U.S. in Southern California. Severe drought in Australia causes wheat crop to fail and prices to increase around the world. The volatility in the market meant that organizations had to specialize and diversify their services. Adventure Events and Entertainment merged with Aquarius Travel and became Adventure Entertainment, Events, and Travel LLC (AEET). The merger allowed AEET the ability to become the single point of contact for groups requiring destination booking and event planning packaged together. Adventure Travel is a subsidiary of AEET and specializes specifically on booking travel reservations for groups.

In 2011, Adventure Travel expanded service to include business travel. The company offers specialized group travel services for businesses. In 2015, the company continued to expand to offer individual online service capability through its online booking site.

Today the organization services all 7 continents, and offers a variety of personalized travel services within its portfolio. Group bookings can be made through online quote requests from the company website or via phone. Non group bookings are also available through our online self-booking system from the company website or via phone.



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